Private Yoga or Pilate class

In order to make the most of your stay, we offer private Pilate or Yoga lessons.
Your teacher comes to a lodge or to our green spaces for your relaxing, revitalizing and energizing yard according to your current needs.
Tailor-made program adapted to your objectives.

Price for private lessons: 60 € per hour

Meditation workshops
In order to make the most of your stay, in this setting dedicated to relaxation, we offer meditation workshops throughout the year.
Discovery of meditation Presentation, sharing and discovery of meditation and its effects on our lives Meditation is the art of savoring the present moment by connecting to one’s bodily sensations and to one’s environment (breath, body, sounds etc. )
Prices for private lessons: 60 € per person / 01:15

Acupressure massage:

  • Massage and acupressure point to boost all energy, lymphatic and blood circulation.
  • 01H00: 70€ per person.

Body and energy package:

  • A complete energy treatment to be done alone or as a couple.
  • This treatment relieves you of all tension while boosting circulation in the body. It is the perfect combination of yoga, meditation and energy rebalancing.

Yoga 30′, acupressure massage 30′ + meditation or sophrology 30′ and energy rebalancing 30′

1h45 to 2h00: 100€ /pers – 130€ for 2 people

Méditation bien-être - Domaine Méjan - Paradou


By bike

New at the Domain : Electric ATV rental
Price per bike for the half day : 35€

The Alpilles are a land of predilection for the practice of mountain biking, simple walker or confirmed mountain biker, the massif will delight nature lovers.

Varied circuits will allow you to discover breathtaking panoramas, disused quarries, an artificial lake in limestone rock, a Roman network of water transport ….


Pilates-Yoga- Rollness®-Meditation

We offer private lessons in pilate, Yoga or meditation. A coach travels in your lodge or outside for lessons. 1 hour individual coaching: 60 €
Innovative formula for ROLLNESS® & PILATES, the online session

Based on breathing and rotations, this method provides a shaping of the muscle masses in shape and in depth. ROLLNESS exercises dissipate tension to give way to a feeling of well-being and relaxation.
With ONLINE sessions, it’s a time for yourself, when you want, or want, à la carte. Connection from your lodge via your TV screen.
During the first session, we check your objectives for the day and then you perform the movements indicated by your live coach to respect your placement and your mobility.

Online program also from your lodge


It is a combination of breaths and movements in a very precise order, simple and fun to open the diaphragm, boost all energy, lymphatic and blood circulation. We feel relaxed, the stomach light, more flexible in the body.
BONUS: Leave with tips and tricks to carry out at times of stress.
60 minutes + 30 minutes of self massage
A self facial massage on specific areas according to the meridians and acupressure points.

In addition to a revitalization, DÂÂM POP Visage strengthens the tone of the facial muscles and relieves tension while boosting circulation in the body.
Price for 90 minutes of session: 75 €

Website of Shirley Marcus :

Dââm Pop Visage™
30 minutes – An auto facial massage on specific areas following the meridians and acupressure points. In addition to a face revitalization, DÂÂM POP Visage significantly emphasizes lymph & energetic circulation as well as relaxes the body.

90 mn : 75 €

Yoga woman meditatingYoung woman doing abdominal on a exercise ball


Discover the Alpilles by foot, relaxed stroll or power walking in the middle of a protected natural area. The hiking path network is rich, through olive groves or cypress trees, vines, marshes, pine forest, mediterranean garrigue…

During your walks you can explore historic sites or monuments such as the medieval castle of Les Baux de Provence, the archeological site of Glanum, Daudet’s windmill and many others. Or a simple walk through the olive groves and vineyards with beautiful views over the Alpilles to meet beautiful farmhouse.

We offer many hikes from the Estate in the heart of the Alpilles regional park.



If you want to discover places off track, nothing like a horsebackriding getaway.

Discover the authentic Alpilles, secret corners through the olive groves, lush valleys, pine forests smells of thyme and wild lavender.

Ballade à cheval