Offer yourself a relaxing interlude with our range of face care and massage with natural products : Come and recharge yourself in Méjan Estate, let go of yourself for a moment of well-being in your lodge or outdoors with the sound of cicadas.

Well-being – 1h
Body massage
Deep massage that brings total relaxation and inner balance. Allow to relieve all the tensions of the body.
Aromatic gestures mingle with manual pressure to better you release stress. This treatment meets your current needs.
Price : 70€

Shiatsu – 1h
Japanese treatments with therapeutic aims, based on Chinese medicine. It helps restore the free, harmonious flow of energy.
Reduces the effects of stress and supports the body’s main functions.
Price : 80€

Chineitsang – 1h
Treatment consisting of a succession of rocking, vibrations, kneading on the abdomen in order to relax the internal organs and thus restart energy circulation.
The stomach is often an area that accumulates a lot of tension.
Price : 80€

Face care – 1h
This global facial treatment will leave your skin hydrated and luminous.
Repair tired, dull and dehydrated skin with this moisturizing and plumping.
Price : 85€

Stopover in Provence – 1h15
Exfoliation and body massage
15 min exfoliation and 1 hour massage
This ritual erases all traces of fatigue and rids the skin of cells dead, gently, thanks to an enveloping and exfoliating gesture. For a optimal moment of relaxation, the exfoliation ritual is followed by a body massage on measure.
Price : 90€

Kobido – 1h
Ancestral Japanese massage of the face, skull and neckline. It acts on sagging skin and thus helps combat the signs of aging.
This ritual, due to its precise and meticulous protocol, drains and stimulates the tissues while providing relaxation and total relaxation.
Price : 100€

The ritual of the Alpilles – 1h30
Facial treatment and body massage
A complete face and body relaxation including gestures that release the tensions, energize the body, and reveal the radiance of the face thanks to a mixture vegetable extract oils.
Price : 110€

Signature treatments – 1h45
Complete ritual: body scrub – Facial treatment – Body massage
This tailor-made treatment allows you total relaxation of the body and mind.
We begin the treatment with a body exfoliation with an olive kernel, gently.
The second step is a facial with aromatic plants that gives radiance to facial features. The last step immerses you, thanks to the scents of oil vegetal and with enveloping and relaxing gestures, in deep relaxation.
Price : 140 €

Individual coaching:

  • Yoga or Pilate – 01h00 : 70€ per person – 90€ for 2 people
  • Yoga and meditation – 01H00 : 70€ per pers. 90€ for 2 people
  • Acupressure massage : Massage and acupressure point to boost all energy, lymphatic and blood circulation – 01H00 : 70€ per person – 01H00 : 70€ per pers
  • Body and energy package : A complete energetic treatment to be done alone or as a couple. This treatment removes all tensions while boosting the body’s circulation. It is the perfect combination of yoga, meditation and energy rebalancing. Yoga 30min, acupressure massage 30min + meditation or sophrology 30min and energetic rebalancing 30min – 1h45 to 2h00 : 100€/pers – 140€ for 2

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