Pilates & Rollness® workshops

Throughout the year we propose BODY WELLNESS WORKSHOPS with a THEME.

Pilates & Rollness® villegiature are the professional association for a complete wellness invigorating, detoxifying, conditioning and fun stay, in an idyllic location, the Méjan Estate in the heart of the Regional Park of the Alpilles.

Rollness® The exercises are fun and easy . Based on breathing, rotations and the Chinese energy, they are a UNSTOPPABLE EFFICIENCY on improving the blood and lymphatic circulation and harmonization of body masses. The body model and becomes denser . It feels softer, more relaxed and stronger at a time.


Domaine Méjan offers custom during Rollness® & Pilates, as well as courses on topics such as, Rollness® Conditioner invigorating, Rollness® Nature & NRJ, Rollness® Detox.

Internship invigorating, revitalizing rollness® & pilates – Duration 2h00

Boost your energy, renew your cells and moisturize your skin with this internship whose characteristic is the combination of specific exercises and invigorating drinks. Exercises to invigorate and hydrate the body. Eliminate toxins accumulated by the stress of everyday life. The exercises can be done in the pool.

Detox internship rollness® & pilates – Duration 2h00

Eliminer vos toxines et drainer vos organes avec ce stage dont la particularité est l’association d’exercices spécifiques et de boissons favorisant la détoxification.
Eliminate your toxins and drain your organs with this course whose characteristic is the combination of specific exercises and beverages promoting detoxification.
Eliminate toxins accumulated by the stress of everyday life.

March 25 – April 21 – September 09 – November 26, 2018


Price internships Rollness® & Pilates in individual coaching : 90€ per pers. – 120€ for 2 people

The Rollness® online – A time for yourself

LIVE & DIRECT skype from your lodge or in our dining space, LIVE and LIVE with Shirley MARCUS, a professional in this field.


Shirley MARCUS is a French-American Fitness Expert, recognized as an innovative and “avant-gardiste” in the ​​physical techniques field. Shirley is also at the base of the Fitness importation in France.

She uses her experience, many years of training, her ability to listen and her professionalism to present customized THEME WORKSHOPS to meet your goals.

Beyond her extensive knowledge of PILATES, a method which is currently a reference, Shirley innovates once again and presents the ROLLNESS®, the most accomplished successful method for wellness.

The Rollness® exercises are fun and easy. Based on breathing and rotations, they have a FOOLPROOF EFFICIENCY on improving blood and lymph circulation as well as harmonizing the body masses. The body models and densifies.

You feel more flexible, more relaxed and stronger at a time.


Internship fitness and detox.

Customized program tailored to your goals.
These sessions are done ONLINE via Skype from your lodge or in our dining space, LIVE and LIVE with Shirley MARCUS . Three sessions over the times that suit you . Two sessions of 1 hour and the last with detox drinks.

Internship : 139€ – In a pair 169€


During these dates, we offer a range of activities to the card to complete your course.

So you can enjoy your stay as you wish :
Body massage essential oils lodge – duration : 1h00 – 70 €.

Lesson rollness® pilates & yoga : it can take place in your lodge , on your patio , around the pool , in nature , in solo, duo or trio. Your coach will adapt to your desires of the moment both for the place that the theme – term choice : 1hr : 60 €.

– Personalized facial treatment according to your skin type : 1hr – 70 €.
Make-up removal – face and décolleté facial scrub

For dehydrated and devitalized.

The skin is softer more velvety, it is deeply hydrated.

Cleansing, exfoliation citrus, carrot massage (face, neck, shoulders, neck, arms, hands and scalp).